Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Am Woman!

There is a great series of speeches going on right now. Introduced by Senator Hillary Clinton on video, all of the women Senators are giving brief speeches about the important issues of this campaign. There are an impressive group and make me proud.

Today, of course, is the anniversary of women getting the right to vote.

Then they all came out on the stage to the band playing Sisters. Although this was an early speech, there was enthusiastic response.

Now speaking is Janet Napoletano, Governor of Arizona - another rising female star of the party.

Jennifer Grenholm, Governor of Michigan, is leading a town hall discussion about energy. Pretty boring.

But we just had a bit of excitement here. Charles Barkely just came by on his way to the Alabama delegation. Someone said they didn't know he was a Democrat. He said "I'm a Democrat, but I'm rich like a Republican!." I think I got him on video. (I did - it's posted.)

Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas, now up - talking about McCain's many homes.

So far no one in the arena is paying much attention to the speakers. I don't know how these speakers do it. However. they've started passing out signs to waive, so I think we're supposed to be getting excited soon.

I was hoping I could wander around and talk to some friends in other states, but I'm really stuck in my seat. I'd have to crawl over the whole delegation to get out. I can't even talk on the phone, because it's so noisy!

The natives are getting restless - they're starting to chant.

Lilly Ledbetter from Alabama (famous because of the Supreme Court decision against her on a sexual discrimination) was the first to mention the anniversary of women getting the vote - and she talked about the importance of this issue of fairness. She got a response, and then the band played "I Get Excited".

Now the crowd is on its feet for Mark Warner, former Governor and next Senator of Virginia. He's inspirational, but not a star. Interestingly, somebody is sending a message to the delegation of when to stand and wave signs. I get the feeling that Warner is speaking to the public - not the delegates - providing words of substance. It's also pretty obvious that Virginia is proud of him.

When he finishes, I think Hillary may be next, when I'll quit live blogging and will be paying attention.


Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
Congratulations on getting to Denver.

I wish you were getting more comments, I will see if I can spot you on TV.

It is quite an honor that you got the invite to be the State Blogger.

See you when you get home.


Anonymous said...

John Kerry has 9 homes and Al Gore has 5. So...if it good enough for them why not for McCain???