Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday at the DNC

The day began, as always, with the caucus breakfast. The speaker and sponsor was a representative from the unions working for the Free Choice Act. Afterward the major topic was again dispensing of the passes.

After the dispensing of credentials, there was a caucus of Clinton delegates. Gloria Williamson, Chair of the Clinton delegates, handed out a memo from Hillary laying out her support for Obama and saying she would release her delegates. She indicated how they voted was their personal choice - she was not asking for a vote either way. Gloria then announced that she personally was voting for Hillary - and then would be on board with Obama. She asked that the delegates also support Obama, after casting their vote. I asked the delegates how they were planning to vote, and they all indicated they were voting for Hillary. Then they had to leave to get their picture taken. In discussions with the delgates, I found no evidence of a split. It seemed they would all support Obama - although there was a lot of heartbreak.

Then Dianne and I had to rush off downtown to pick up our daily credentials. We barely made it in time. By the way, as members of the press, we are getting to see a lot of media stars. We try not to look like star struck country girls.

Then we went to a party put on by the Democratic National Committee for bloggers only. Chairman Howard Dean came and talked to us. He is a hero to bloggers, because the State Blogger Program was his idea - and he had credentialed unprecedented numbers of bloggers as members of the press. It was great to meet all the bloggers from across the country that I only know online.

Dianne and I split up again. It's my turn to go to the Pepsi Center.

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Anonymous said...

Casey, thanks for that--I wanted to know how the Clinton supporters were feeling and how they are handling all of this. I am looking forward to her speech tonight. Someone was just talking about the contents of her speech tonight on MSNBC. This may be the point where many Clinton hold-outs--not delegates, but voters, will change their minds.
p.s: You haven't seen Ben Affleck yet have you!? just kidding, but he is suppose to be there.

Anonymous said...

casey you have not picked a winner yet, so now you really are a republican do they that sent you know that